We are Bananas

March 2, 2023

We had one and only one objective when traveling to Savannah: to see the Savannah Bananas. The rest of Savannah was just bonus. Reservations were made last September and we even adjusted our boating itinerary to make this happen.

I had never heard of the Bananas until Boris mentioned them. They are an exhibition baseball team founded in 2016. The team has sold out every game since the first season in every city on the Banana Ball World Tour. We were very fortunate to get tickets.

The day finally arrived. We had Coda, Lil Sudden, Jeff and Norma, and even Boris’ mother in attendance.

It was very entertaining watching the game. From silly dances to random challenges, we were constantly entertained. The kids were also having fun getting signatures on their baseballs. After the game ended, everyone met on the Party Deck to live music and more performances by the team players. They continued posing for photos and signed memorabilia.

We had so much fun. I highly recommend seeing this team play if you get the chance.

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