Palm Coast

February 16-17

While in Titusville, we met Platinum Loopers who recommended the Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast. We were happy to check it out.

The resort was amazing. A shuttle was provided taking us from the marina to the main resort. The resort had an indoor pool, outdoor pool with waterslide, lazy river, adult only pool, beach pool (with sand), many hot tubs, workout facility with classes, golf course, and pink sand beach.

The first night, we arrived late and decided to just swim and soak in the hot tub.

The second day, we spent the entire day at the pool, taking breaks to enter the slide, lazy river, eat ice cream, or walk the pink sand beach.

We had to leave on the 18th, but there was a European Village close by and we wanted to check it out. The village consisted of four floors with the bottom floor being shops and the upper floors being condos. The buildings surrounded a courtyard with all doors and shops facing inward. Unfortunately, we were there too early and the shops weren’t open yet.

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