Back On the Water to Bennett’s Creek Landing, VA

May 4th and 5th

With everything back in order, the boat repaired, and us unpacked, we were ready to leave the Atlantic Yacht Basin and head to Bennett’s Creek Landing. This required a trip through a few bridges and a lock. The lock was on a schedule of opening every two hours, which explained the long line of boats waiting for the opening. Thankfully we all made it in.

Further along our route, we came upon a bridge that was broken and stuck in the closed position. We promptly dropped anchor and waited for it to be repaired before continuing on (about an hour wait).

We finally reached Bennett’s Creek Marina and our group was once again reunited.

The town is small with a few roads, grocery store, restaurant, and tiki bar and is the place to be on a Friday night. The restaurant and tiki area was full of people enjoying drinks, food, and live music. We ventured up for some wine tasting and food.

After our last four months of walking and taking Ubers, I ordered folding bikes to have on hand. The weather was nice so we spent some time riding bikes and kayaking.

Bennetts Creek was a good stop to get back into the swing of things.

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