Sip and Shop in Georgetown, SC

We arrive in Georgetown in the evening of the 16th. Michael rode with Lil Sudden with Tonia’s nephews while Annette enjoyed some peace and quiet on Saga. Shortly after our arrival, the men found themselves at a restaurant, So Co, for drinks and food while us women learned that it was a Sip and Stroll night. Their goal was to be considered “local” by the end of our stay.

Every third Thursday of the month, 26 shops and art galleries provide wine and snacks while you shop along the Historic Front Street of Georgetown. Unfortunately we only had one hour to take advantage of this extravaganza.

The charming little shops offered all sorts of delicious wine and snacks from lemon bars to pecan pie bars. We started at the Harbor Shop, which is how we learned about the Sip and Shop. We then slowly made our way forward. I found the cutest napkins at Rice Birds, fuzzy socks and puzzle at Whimsy Roost.

The next thing we knew, the clock bell was chiming 7:00, which signaled the end of the event; however, we weren’t ready to be done. With our hopes high, we quickly walked down the street, trying each door and hoping they were still open.

As we rounded the 900 block, we noticed the Art Harbor Gallery door was still unlocked. Opening the door, we politely asked if they were still open despite it being just past 7:00 and were greeted by Deborah Smith and Alan Sherlock, two artists, who said they were happy to remain open for us. As we sipped wine, we admired the work of various artists and Tonia walked away purchasing a collection of beautiful cards.

March 17, 2023

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day!

I sported a lovely green tutu and colorful headband to get into the spirit. Can’t pinch me!

The day started with a trip to the playground for the kids to burn energy followed by an appointment at the Purr and Pour (a cat café) and finished with a tour of the Maritime Museum.

I also visited The Harbor Shop where they custom embroider items. KK Nicholson was wonderful and helped me design a new hat that says Saga on the front and Just A Bit Loopy on the back.

The Cat Cafe:

There’s a Purr and Pour Cat Cafe in town that fosters cats in hopes that they will be adopted. By appointment, you can spend time with cats while enjoying a beverage. The kids heard about this and seemed interested.

But, before I tell you more about this café, I want to tell you about high tea.

During COVID, we homeschooled. For lunches, I’d make tea, serve little sandwiches with fruit and veggies, and we’d do poetry or reading. The kids loved it and they will occasionally ask for me to set one up. Well, here I am in Georgetown and discover the Hopsewee Plantation (owned by one of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence) has a reasonably priced High Tea. I thought for sure the kids would love it. I also noticed they had a Bellini flight sampler that sounded right up my alley.

I excitedly tell the kids about this and asked if they wanted to participate. Annette looks at me and says “I’d rather see cats.”

So here we are with the cats.

I’m not big into cats as they make my eyes itch and I can’t stop sneezing. Armed with an extra dose of allergy medicine, I decide to get into it. Sitting with the cats, I try to pet one, but it promptly saunters away. I try playing with one, but it’s having more fun with the kids. I admit defeat and decide to take a seat while sipping my wine.

The Maritime Museum was impressive…and it was free! They had a scavenger hunt that Annette took very seriously. We couldn’t leave until she found the answers to all questions (there were two sides to the page).

March 18, 2023

It’s a wet one! The wind picked up and rain fell for most of the day. Lil Sudden’s family visitors also left in the morning so we slowly returned back to normal. We concluded our stay in Georgetown with lunch at the Big Tuna and a final stroll around the town.

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