The Boys Are Back in Town

February 28, 2023

It has been over a year, but at long last, the Three Captains are back together. Boris, Matt, and Steve share heartfelt hugs followed by safe arrival drinks on the city dock in Savannah, GA.

Coda started an amazing journey from Seattle, traveling down the Pacific Coast, around the Panama Canal, and up the Atlantic into the Carolinas. Originally all three vessels were to start the Great Loop together in Florida, but due to family plans, Coda went ahead with the intent to meet up in South Carolina.

After seeing all the fun we were having, Coda had a case of FOMO (fear of missing out). We’d receive calls of “hurry up and get here,” or “what’s taking you so long?” Until one day, we heard the announcement that he is heading south and will be joining us in Georgia.

But the fun couldn’t be contained. Our friends Jeff and Norma also saw our itinerary and came over to join in the celebrations. We were one big happy family, catching up on all the adventures over some Wet Willie slushies.

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