Is that a Man O War?

February 8, 2023

Vero Beach: We drew pretty pictures and went to the beach.

Interesting thing about this place: as you approach, they make you pump out. There’s a fee for pumping out as well as getting water ($5 each). The area was a bit narrow so we opted to pay for a mooring ball ($20) and it included pump out and water for free. Pretty smart of them huh? These mooring balls can hold up to three boats rafted, so Lil Sudden and Saga rafted together on one (still had to each pay the $20). At least we were able to enjoy the marina’s amenities.

Vero Beach has free public transportation, which is pretty handy except for when you read the routes incorrectly. Oh well. We walked to the beach and then rode the bus back to the marina.

While the kids innocently played in the water, I spotted two of these things on the beach:

Vero Beach was lovely. Wouldn’t mind spending a bit more time here in the future.

Each weekday we do homeschool. About once a week we do art and Matt joins in on that fun.

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