Fort Pierce

February 6

We left for Fort Pierce, FL. It was about a 3-hour trip. Boris had to work so I rocked out driving. Like had to dodge sailboats and go in between the green and red stick thingies.  Had to call in my buddy boat lifeline to make sure I wasn’t going to go on a sandbar. I leave the sandbar incidents to Captain B. Cause when you want to get stuck, you trust Captain Boris “Sandbar” Hodak.

So I called my buddy boater Matt Matt to confirm the red markers should be on my right (Red Right Returning right?). He said “In this channel?!? They should be on your left, we aren’t in Washington.” Cue Pikachu face. No wonder the dept was going from 12′, 10′ to 8′. A quick turn of the steering wheel, crossed another boater’s wake, and I was back on course.

In Fort Pierce, we went on a walk saw effing peacocks. Yes, Boris says they are effing peacocks.

No really! We did see peacocks. We first thought the Peacock Crossing was a joke, but then there was a whole field of them around the corner along with a couple of roosters.

We then found a store with unique items for sale. Upon entering, we were welcomed to Africa. I guess that was the name of the store, otherwise we were transported to another continent.

The final portion of the stroll we followed our nose to a sweet orange scent and found ourselves in front of a juicing company. Sadly, it didn’t look like they gave out free samples.

February 7, 2023

Still in Fort Pierce.

Went to see some fishes in tanks. Some fish had legs. Others were camouflaged. Then a sea hare squirted purple ink.

Then we went to see the Seal Museum. Not the animal variety. The seals that sneak up behind you in a foreign country when you’ve been bad. Pretty bad ass.

The day came to an end and we were exhausted. Two museums in one day! So we decided to have dinner and enjoyed live music. I had swordfish.

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