Swimming With Sharks

It was a chilly morning; a light breeze was stirring and clouds covered the sky. Fishermen were prepping their boats to enter the ocean for their daily catch while birds stood watch for any fallen bait. Despite the breeze, the water was calm. It was perfect for our upcoming adventure!

We all woke up early to meet with Florida Shark Diving. Lil Sudden and Saga had a 7:30 am appointment for a shark encounter. We boarded a boat and headed out into the Atlantic for a 30 minute ride to our destination. During the trip, we received a safety briefing on what to do (as well as what not to do) in the water. Tips included floating horizontally and to make eye contact.

Once we arrived at the site, a bait box was lowered into the water to attract sharks. Within a few minutes, two Bull Sharks came. While the sharks were swimming, we geared up and slowly entered the water. This was a floating snorkeling experience as scuba bubbles scare sharks. Due to the strong current, we grabbed onto a line secured to the boat and drifted along observing the sharks. The diver of Florida Shark Diving took photos, fed the sharks, and kept them at a safe distance from us.

We spent an hour in the water. It was interesting watching the sharks interact with one another as well as their hunting methods of the surrounding fish. Photos credited to @dianawdowd @floridasharkdiving

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