West Palm Beach

We left Jupiter Island on January 26 and headed towards the northern part of West Palm Beach. The trip took us by some amazing houses and mega yachts. We did find a couple of houses for sale, one was for $24 million. We found a nice anchorage and quickly hit the local Publix for some groceries.

The next day, we did manage to get off the boat and wander town. There were a few quaint shops including an Italian Market and French pastry shop.

The Italian Market was unique. There was a wall of different wines that you could sample and select the size of a pour. Prices varied from $1 – $15 for a small pour. After purchasing a card, you would insert it into the machine and select the wine you wanted to taste. We tried a few different wines and then filled our glasses as we continued grocery shopping.

On Saturday, we had to part ways with Lil Sudden as they had a family emergency. We went out to dinner at Rafiki Tiki and then said our goodbyes for the next few days.

The weather has been windy and cold over the last few days. Sunday was the first nice day. We were anchored near Little Muyon Island and have been wanting to explore it as it has some water trails through the mangrove trees. The day was perfect for exploration. we saw an Iguana and discovered Mangrove Tree Crabs while we glided through the water trails. After kayaking, we exited the interior of the island and played in the lagoon.

The weather is expected to be in the 80’s the next few days. Today we moved the boat 30 minutes south towards Phil Foster Park and found anchorage just off to the side of the small island. The island has a swimming beach and underwater snorkel park. Due to its location, the water is extremely clear and attracts colorful fish.

It was a bit of an adventure getting to shore. We used our favorite mode of transportation: kayaks. The kids and I snorkeled for a bit and saw many colorful fish as well as barracuda. The current was a little strong as it was not slack tide. After some rumbling bellies, it was time to return to the boat for lunch. At the boat, we couldn’t stay dry for long and immediately began jumping off the bow and into the blue water. It was so clear, you could see starfish on the bottom. Annette had an unfortunate encounter with a jellyfish and was done swimming for the day. Michael found a coconut floating and wanted to break it open. Taking a screwdriver, we tore off the husk and broke open the nut.

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