The Most Beautiful City

After boating for 3 days, we decided to stay put in Stuart, FL. Stuart was voted the most Beautiful City in 2008 and is also known as the Sailfish capital of the world. It has a charming historic downtown, many marinas, parks, and a rich history.

We anchored near a mooring field and took the dinghy into town for some exploration and food. We had to provision and stopped at the local Publix. Thankfully, we were only a quarter of a mile away so lugging two large bags and a backpack of food wasn’t too bad.

We strolled through town exploring the many streets and charming architecture. The historic center consisted of 3 streets with adorable shops selling clothes, decoration, art, jewelry, and food. As we walked past restaurants, the air would be filled with the delicious scents of their specialties including ice cream to pizza.

A few notable sights included stopping at Kilwins for fudge and ice cream and The Lyric Theater, which was built in 1926 and still has shows weekly.

The town has a boardwalk that takes you from the marina to the old town and around the water. As we strolled around, we found a very nice playground for the kids to burn energy and a farmers market.

As we strolled along, we found a barber shop and took the opportunity for Michael to get a haircut.

We ate out twice. Once at Lola’s for some delicious seafood and once at a Basil Garden for some amazing Thai food.

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