Dinghy Disaster

Before coming out to Florida, we purchased a unique dinghy called an Evolution M10. It is 10’ and will fit comfortably on our swim step. There’s also plenty of room for our family and is powerful enough to get onto plane (you can ski behind this thing). It even has a cute little canopy.

The company we were buying it from had a delay on delivering the dinghy to us. They had to do some repairs and delivery was scheduled January 7th. When the day came, Boris and Matt met them at a boat ramp and prepared to motor over to our boat.

That was when disaster struck.

First, water easily splashed into the little boat, getting Matt wet and was difficult to control. Shortly after, the engine started making strange sounds and completely stopped working. Boris and Matt started paddling against the tide to try to get to shore. After an hour of paddling, and many boats going by without offering to help, a boat stopped and towed them to the boat ramp. The dinghy was returned, and we are now in need of a new dingy.

Today was the last day of the Fort Meyers Boat Show. We searched high and low, but unfortunately, there were no dinghies for sale. We still enjoyed the day viewing boats, vendors, and eating some tasty Coconut Shrimp.

The dinghy search will continue. This time we will go the more traditional route and buy a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB).

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