Feeding Stingrays at the IMAG

We’ve been working hard prepping the boat for the Loop. The kids have been troopers but asked for a break and excursion.

Our family has a Pacific Science Center membership in Seattle. The Science Center participates in the ASTC Passport Program, which allows entry to Science Centers nationally. I quickly identified the IMAG History and Science Center in Fort Meyers as a participating Science Center and we quickly loaded the car for some educational fun.

Upon arrival, we passed through the admission/gift shop and stood in front of the Stingray touch tank. For $3, you can feed a stingray. Both kids participated, but stated it felt strange and would not want to do it again in the future. The tank had some other interesting creatures including a Flounder, Horseshoe Crab, and Starfish.

Another favorite exhibit was the Hands On Hall where there were demonstrations of Newton’s Laws of Motion. Kids could roll balls down existing ramps or create their own ramps. There were also large blue foam blocks used to build forts and structures.

Other segments included a King Tut exhibit, Planets and Weather exhibit, Living Creatures exhibit, and an outdoor area. The outdoor area included a flowing water trough to sift through sand for fossils. Bags of sand had to be purchased, which guaranteed treasures, but we’ve done something similar at Great Wolf Lodge and decided against purchasing a bag of sand. Instead, the kids grabbed handfuls of sand in the bottom of the water trough and would find small fossils and a few sharks teeth that others had missed.

Overall, the IMAG was a fun experience.

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