The Saga Begins

Where does the Saga begin…let me tell you a story of derailed plans.

Four years ago, the Browns (Lil Sudden), Steve (Coda), and the Hodaks (Saga) met, became friends, and decided to embark on an adventure together known as The Great Loop. Fast forward to 2022, and this dream became a reality.

The initial plan was for Boris and Matt to travel to Florida and find their boats while Steve continued his journey through the Panama Canal. The boats would be moored at the Yacht Club in Cape Coral; however, the plans did not come to fruition.

Boats were found and offers accepted. Then Hurricane Ian hit, destroying Cape Coral, the Yacht Club neighborhood and marina, leaving destruction in its wake. We no longer had a place to keep our new boat, Saga, and the Browns needed to secure a new vessel.

After some creativity, a new location was found for Saga and Boris traveled back and forth to Florida over the next three months to prepare the vessel for our yearlong journey.  

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